Here is a list of some of the equipment that I have:


3 Sony FS7 PACKAGES(one is a Mark2) with Jason Cases

Shape FS7 rigs, 18 QXD cards, 13 batteries.

3 FS7 extension units

2 Sony 18-110 servo zooms,

Sony FS5 package Atomos shogun Inferno 

Sony A7111 with cage and 4 batteries and cards

Gh5 with lenses and cage

Sony RX10 mark4 shoots 960 fps and 480 if needed 

OTHER CAMERA GEAR monitors----

Canon c100, Canon 5d mark 2, Panasonic Hvx 200

Small HD 702 bright,   2- 5 inch Focus Small HD monitors, 4 Came 7 inch Ultra bright monitors 2200 nit

Atomos Shogun Inferno

Atomos 19inch Sumo with 1tb drive and 2 248drives, Shape cage for it. 

Brinno time lapse camera


Set of Rokinon Xeen Primes. 14mm,24mm,35mm,50mm,85mm,135 

Canon; 2 Sony 18-110 servo zooms, 70-200 2.8 L,sigma 18-35 1.8,  Canon 8-15, Canon 50mm 1.8,  2 Canon 24-104, Canon 17-40,  2 Tamron 17-50 2.8, Samyang 85m 1.4,Samyang 14mm 2.8,  sigma 170-500, Tamron 28-300, Samyang 35mm 1.4, Lensbaby 35mm, Tokina 100mm macro lens, Tokina 11-16 2.8


3 Manfrotto tripods, Glidecam 5 foot slider, Edelkrone x Large slider with action and wizard module, 6 foot portable jib, small portable dolly with 8 foot of track,  HDMI monitor, DJI Osmo, Ronin M, 17 inch Production monitor, Edelkrone sliderplus pro, Came Prophet gimbel, Ronin S, Camera Filmtools cart, 


2 ghost eye 600mp(2000ft signal) systems, 2 Ghost Eye 150m version 2 wireless systems, 

I have 2 dual director cage 7 inch monitor packages, ultra bright monitors

Paralinx wireless system 

CAME CRYSTAL 800 wireless system 


18 foot Jimmy Jib Lite with motorized pan and tilt head

Proaim 10 foot WAVE 2 jib with motorized pan and tilt head. from 6-10 foot length


DJI mavic zoom 

Yuneec Typhoon H drone with Realsense tech shoots 4k and 1080 at 120fps

3 Yuneec 4k Typhoons

Shoots 4k and 1080 at 120fps


LED -LED LIGHT KIT, 5 312 lights and 2 1x,8 CAME 1x vmount powered LED lights,7 Came Slim 2000 LED lights. 4 Dracast 500, 4 Came 55wat Boltzen LEDs, 3 Aputure 300D with softboxes, Apature on camera lights. 

HMI and others  3 1200 HMIS, 3 575 source 4s, , Arri kit 2 650 and 1 1k light tungsten, 7 Came Slim 2000 LED lights. 4 Dracast 500, 4 Came 55wat Boltzen LEDs, 3 Aputure 300D with softboxes 

KINO-2 4 foot 4bank KIno flo kit,extra 4 bank kino, 2 diva lights,  


8x and silks and 2 4xs ,14  c-stands and 20 lights stands, 5 combo stands, Green screen and stands, all misc grip gear and lighting support, Fog machines and Hazer, 3 shiny boards, Bacground support and white,green or black background 10x16, Set of Apple Boxes plus 4 more full apples, 2 sets of flag kits, 


Hero 4 with all attachments

DJI Osmo+ Zoom lens

DJI Ronin S


3 Senheiser G3s and mics, 1 Senhieser AVX set,  2 tram mics, 2 boom poles and mic, 


30 v-mount batteries