"Last Breath"

  • Audience Choice - BEST FEATURE - Omaha Film Festival
  • Winner - BEST FEATURE - Estes Park Film Festival
  • Winner - BEST DIRECTOR - Bare Bones Film Festival
  • Winner - BEST FEATURE - Garden State Film Festival
  • Winner - BEST SOUNDTRACK - Garden State Film Festival
  • Winner - BEST HORROR FEATURE - Bare Bones Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention - BEST FEATURE - Dances with Films Festival

"Imagine "Saw" with a higher purpose and you get an idea of what filmmaker Ty Jones attempts with this thoroughly professional and astonishingly sadistic feature" -- Robert Butler, KC Star

"A remarkable piece of cinema and a mind blowing example of cross genre entertainment..." -- Ted "Ritualistic" Brown, The Liberal Dead

"Writer and director Ty Jones delves into his first feature film with lust and heart and a story that left me feeling stunned, emotional ... and breathless." -- Sharon Foss, Horror Society

"There are horror films that try to disguise themselves as somehow meaningful, socially or morally.  There are horor films that flirt with such a notion but, in reality, only succeed for fleeting moments.  There's something about "Last Breath," however, that stays with you long after the closing credits and it's precisely because, almost unimaginably, "Last Breath" actually means something and tis characters, story and meaning will linger in your psyche' for quite some time. -- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"Many people must be shown death, or the possibility of death to change self-destructive ways and this is "Last Breath's" central message for audiences. -- Michael R Allen, Yahoo! Voices